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Episode 73-Living Tractor Dreams & Comfort Bongs: Little Monsters

We are veering away from our witchy ways and turning into zombie territory with our next Spooktacular movie, Little Monsters. It stars Lupita Nyong'o as Ms. Caroline, a kindergarten teacher who has to save her students from a zombie invasion with nothing but her co-chaperone Dave, played by Alexander England, who has Peter Pan syndrome and a major crush on her. In this episode we discuss why making a wedding ring out of pipe cleaner is cute when you're five and very un-cute at 35, how saying God Damn it in a song doesn't qualify you as a Christian rock band and how Teddy McGiggles is high on our list of super villains. This movie about the undead gave us life! We thoroughly enjoyed Little Monsters and hope you do too. Episode drops October 25th.

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