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Episode 74-Jostling Wangs & A Wannabe Thanksgiving Movie: The Family Stone

We are in 'Not Sure November' where we are covering holiday movies but it's not quite clear (to us, at least) what the holiday is. This week we are doing The Family Stone which stars everyone! Everett, played by Dermot Mulroney, is bringing his uptight girlfriend Meredith played by Sarah Jessica Parker home to meet his family. But there are secrets and scandals afoot. In this episode we explain how to diffuse a tense situation by grabbing someones Ta Ta, wonder if anyone would want a reunion with the person that popped their cherry and marvel at the fact that Corinne's voice has gone '2 packs a day' husky. This movie is an adventure and we hope you join us for the ride that is The Family Stone. Episode drops November 8th.

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