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Episode 75-Grab Life By The Chonkies: Last Holiday

We are at the tail end of: We Are Not Sure November, and this week we are covering Last Holiday and pondering whether it can be considered a holiday movie. It stars Queen Latifah as Georgia, a woman who isn't living life to the fullest. Including, not telling her crush Sean, played by LL Cool J that she loves him. Things turn upside down when she gets the news that she only has weeks to live. In this episode we discuss: how Georgia's Lean Cuisine obsession is remarkably sadder than her impending death, How Sean (aka LL Cool J's) lips should come with an R rating and we brainstorm another ODK side hustle-a rejuvenation retreat, equipped with healing gongs and running shirtless through eucalyptus trees. Why go to a health spa when you can find your bliss with us as we recap Last Holiday. Episode drops November 15th.

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