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Episode 79-Mystical Optometrists & Sexy Sock Monkey Hats: The Birthday Wish

We are back and better than ever! This month our theme is Feb-Woo No You Didn't-uary where we explore movies with problematic(?) relationships. Our first installment is The Birthday Wish starring Jessy Schram as Gwen, a girl who desperately wants to get married before her 30th birthday. She thinks she's on her way until she meets Dave, played by Luke Macfarlane, a co-worker who throws a wrench in all her plans. In this episode we discuss the largest storyboards in the history of storyboards, the debatable worst karaoke songs to sing and the 'audacity' of Gwen's mom to rush into a relationship a mere 17 years after her husband died (gasp). We are celebrating being back together and trying to restrain Corinne from jumping out of a cake...because that is what we do with cake and The Birthday Wish. Episode drops February 7th.

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