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Episode 81- Chest Mullets & Pagina Towns: Bros

We have a disclaimer for this episode of Feb-Woo No You Didn't-uary..'Barbara (Corinne's mom) don't watch this movie.' Everyone else can have at it because we are covering Bros the gayest rom-com out there! It stars Billy Eichner as Bobby, an opinionated podcaster, gay rights activist and perpetual single guy until he meets Aaron, played by Luke Macfarlane who is even more anti-relationship than Bobby. They navigate the tricky waters of gay dating while trying to stamp down their growing feelings for each other. In this episode: we muse that Debra Messing may have missed her calling as a dominatrix, debate the difference between cuddle parties vs. cuddle puddles and Tamara proclaims that Corinne needs to be her 'forever float partner' or else they are not friends anymore...of course she doesn't mean it because they're 'Sisters from other misters,' which is the perfect partnership to recap the movie Bros. Episode drops February 21st.

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