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Episode 87-Balls & Columns to the Wall: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

It's our second installment of Free To Be You & Me in April and this week we are doing My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It stars Mia Vardalos as Toula a woman stuck in life and with her very big, loud, Greek family until she meets Ian played by John Corbett, then 'Opa!' everything changes. In this episode we must apologize profusely for our bad accents, which we use throughout as we discuss: how Greek wives play their husbands like mandolins, the meaning of our names (hint they're both awful and spur Corinne to do a interpretive dance), and give bad renditions of songs from Grease cause it sounds like Greece and we don't know any real Greek songs. We hope this episode doesn't rub you the wrong way...but if it does, put a little Windex on it and join us for My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Episode drops April 11th.

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