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Episode 90-Outfit Juice & A Puddle Of Hairspray Happiness

It's May and we have a new theme, Is This Movie A-May-zing or Awful? It's a full month of questionable movies and characters that we are thrilled to dive into. Our first episode is a banger! We are covering the 80's classic Pretty in Pink starring Molly Ringwald as Andie, a creative outcast who crushes on Blane, played by Andrew McCarthy. He's a 'richie' who also falls for her until Andie's 'bestie' Ducky, played by John Cryer and Blanes social circle gets involved. In this episode: we contemplate if Ducky is the Limoncello La Croix of the 80's (good at first but then nauseating the more you get), get nostalgic about Aqua Net hairspray and smoking in schools (obviously not together), and critique Andie's style which causes Corrine to run out of outfit juice and Tamara to call her Molly Wrongwald. We are putting our 80's rose tinted glasses on for this episode and it makes everything look Pretty in Pink, so join us. Episode drops May 2nd

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