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Episode 91-Clucking Macarena & Sympathetic Frizz: Notting Hill

It's our next episode of: is this movie A-May-Zing or a May-ess? We are doing Notting Hill and will 'fight to the death' over our decision of whether it's great or terrible. It stars Hugh Grant as William Thacker, a resident of Notting Hill who falls for Anna Scott, played by Julia Roberts, a movie star who shows up at his travel book shop. In this episode: we contemplate about horses in space and turkey's in travel books about Turkey, give a PSA about the dangers of sneezing with a bodysuit on and describe Corinne's ass-tributes which are so ample she doesn't need a petticoat (so we dub her backside a butticoat). Travel with us to Nottinghill and give your opinions on whether this movie is fantastic or a flop (even though it would have been vastly improved by Tamara's alternate bench ending). Episode drops May 9th.

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