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Episode 110-Affirmative TaTa's & Hot Stalking: Beastly

This week we are getting up close and personal with our Supernatural & Paranormal Sweeties theme. We are covering Beastly, a modern day Beauty and the Beast tale, which stars Vanessa Hudgens as Lindsay, a teen girl who is blackmailed into staying with Kyle (aka Hunter aka Kunter) played by Alex Pettyfer, a cursed schoolmate who needs to find love or have his face permanently mutilated. In this episode: we do an in depth telling of the cupcake debacle and how it almost 'ruined' Corinne's birthday, genuinely wonder if the 'Beast's' upper nose jewelry was the result of a sneeze during a septum piercing, and debate whether blackmailing someone into a hostage friendship is better or worse than buying someones love. This isn't the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast but we still hope you will be our guest to Beastly. Episode drops October 17th.

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