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Episode 129-Beverage Dependent & Fortress of Bow Ties: Quiz Lady

Our new theme this month is April Fools, or movies that showcase people that don't make the best decisions. The first flick we are covering is Quiz Lady, which stars Awkwafina as Anne, an introverted CPA who loves the game show 'Can't Stop The Quiz' and is content to watch it every night at home until her dog gets kidnapped by a loan shark. Her sister Jenny, played by Sandra Oh, gets the bright idea that she can win her dog back by going on her beloved game show and chaos ensues. In this episode we: wonder if you'd get a deal for donating your lady eggs in bulk, make up new words (as we are wont to do) like Quiz-tator and Nursery Homes, and wax poetic about game shows of the past-polyester suits, bad hair & sexual innuendos that wouldn't fly today,.  This episode has 'all big bucks and no whammies' so we hope you 'come on down' and meet the Quiz Lady with us. Episode drops April 9th.

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