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Episode 28-Nature Mansplaining & Weather Predicting Boobs: Love in the Forecast

Don't blink or you'll miss the very small shirtless scene in this Octo-Bare Chested episode. We're covering: Love in the Forecast starring Cindy Busby as Leah, Christopher Russell as Mark and Nelson 'Mother F**king' Wong as George. Leah is a city girl who's trying to get ahead in the wide world of meteorology until Mark, her new neighbor, teaches her the power of nature in predicting the weather. In this episode we discuss the 'rare occurrence' of ladies changing light bulbs, how to predict rain with an imaginary ant farm and Corinne sings an original ditty called 'Back Away From That Man' (The title says it all). We are wetting ourselves with the downpour of feels we have over this movie. So, bring your umbrella and join us for Love in the Forecast. Episode drops October 19.

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