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Episode 30-Blanket Fort of Solitude: The Nine Lives of Christmas

Our first Christmas in November movie is The Nine Lives of Christmas starring Kimberley Sustad as Marilee and Brandon Routh as Zach. Marilee has her eye on the prize. Her sole focus is on finishing vet school until she meets Brandon. He has a fear of commitment and is happy being single until she and a cat named Ambrose enter his world. In this episode we speculate about the effectiveness of doily bras, give puffy coat etiquette, champion 'Chests for Charity' (even though it's not Octo-bare anymore) and give depressing cougar facts. We are not 'kitten' around, about how much we like this movie, so we hope you join us as we purr-fectly recap The Nine Lives of Christmas. Episode drops November 2nd.

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