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Episode 62- Just Begging for a 'D': Love, Classified

There is A-Gust of change in August. This month we are doing Rom-Coms and Hallmark movies. Our first selection is a Hallmark movie called Love, Classified. It has a stellar cast including: Melora Hardin, Katherine McNamara, Arienne Mandi and Max Lloyd-Jones. This movie has everything, disgruntled children, a distant mother, a lesbian kiss and a pretty diverse cast (which we are here for). In this episode we discuss: how many ways you can pronounce Bloomeria, play out all kinds of fun scenarios like 'what would you do if I had a heart attack and didn't tell you?', and give advice on the non-committal noises you can make when someone says something stupid. We hope you listen in as we share what we found in Love, Classified. Episode drops August 9th.

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