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Episode 84-Anxiety Drinking Games & Foreplay with Cold Cuts: Bridesmaids

March is still Going to the Dogs but Tamara 'fudged' a little on this week's pick with Bridesmaids, dogs are in a tiny portion of the move but it still counts! Bridesmaids has a powerhouse cast and stars Kristen Wiig as Annie, a super single, down on her luck lady who is asked to be her bestie Lillian's, played by Maya Rudolph, maid of honor. Annie's stress from the responsibility turns even the most basic bridesmaid tasks into catastrophes. In this episode: we turn Corinne's frequent anxiety over certain scenes in the movie into a drinking game, realize that this is the second rom-com movie to showcase a tennis bruise bath and pants pooping scenes and agree that friends that ride fences together, stay together. We try to squelch our discomfort by giving each other the 'love is eternal face' and if you don't know what that means, you should definitely tune in to Bridesmaids. Episode drops March 21st.

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